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the fox from
little warrior

little warrior from
little warrior

Wait and See
Invisible River

Arco Iris Arledadore de la Luna from Anonymous Monk Spring Calendar and Compilation 02009-10

December from Anonymous Monk Spring Calendar and Compilation 02009-10

Electric Sky
from for cedar

Walk Home
from for cedar

Lost + Finding

from "dreams" EP

Ocean, Reed Organ

from instruments

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eleanor murray - bury me into the mtn - available on LP!

aantarcticaa - cut that dead tree down already

eleanor murray - little warrior EP

Weeks before leaving on Eleanor’s first nation-wide tour in the summer of 2009, the “Little Warrior” EP exploded with fever and creativity, a little grit, and a lot of lively collaboration. Serving as Eleanor’s second release, “Little Warrior” loosens up a little from her previous release, “For Cedar.”

Crammed into a sweaty one bedroom apartment for several days during the hottest Olympia summer in memory, Eleanor and her collaborators – drummer Austin Cooper, violinist Pam Margon, guitarist Ben Kamen, engineer/co-producer Ben Hargett (along with a slew of other folks) – recorded these tracks and spontaneous interludes using the creative possibilities of the studio to add subtle fire to the storms and steal gravity from the ground.

more info at www.eleanormurray.com

$7 + Shipping

Reviews: http://lettersmixtape.blogspot.com/2009/08/eleanor-murray-little-warrior.html

invisible river - s/t - streaming!
<a href="http://invisibleriver.bandcamp.com/album/invisible-river">Wait &amp; See by invisible river</a>

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Invisible River
Invisible River
Eleanor Murray
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calendar sale!

Our Spring-to-Spring Calendar is [just over] halfway through! Pick up a copy for half-off! You can also now purchase the CD or Calendar individually.

1. Viking Moses - March
2. Ben Kamen - April
3. Spenking - Mayday
4. Golden Ghost - June
5. Ashley Eriksson - Juli
6. Karl Blau - Arco Iris Arledadore de la Luna
7. Paleo - Month #9 (Shining the Moon)
8. Ruth Allison - Apples Pies & Apple Juice
9. Eleanor Murray - November
10. Twig Palace - December
11. Karrie Hopper - New Days
12. Eli Moore - February
No Longer Available!

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